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Chor da Giuvenils Grischun – Corale Giovanile Grigione – Youth Choir of Grisons

Past Events

The Youth Choir Graubünden was founded in 2004 and works as a project choir. Every year we set high-aiming goals, which we strive to achieve by combining hard work during the rehearsals with a lot of fun during the breaks and after the rehearsals. Since the foundation of the choir we have participated in/organised the following events:


  • 13. Mai Bezirksgesangfest in Maienfeld, Galakonzert
  • 1. Juli 19:15 Uhr Konzert in der katholischen Kirche in Schiers
  • 2. Juli 17:00 Uhr Konzert in der evangelischen Kirche in Walenstadt
  • 14. – 20. Juli Festival in Bali



  •  20. Dezember 2015 14:00 Uhr Concert da Nadal en baselgia s.Placi a Surrein
  • 19. Dezember 2015 19:30 Uhr Concert da Nadal en baselgia s.Placi a Surrein
  • 5. Dezember 2015 Weihnachtskonzert in Stein am Rhein
  • 12.–18. Oktober 2015 Int. Competition and Festival Kalamata 2015
  • 31. Oktober 2015 Altschierserfest, Probe am Vormittag, Auftritt am Nachmittag
  • 03.10.2015 Konzert in der Reformierten Kirche in  Schiers
  • 02.10.2015 Konzert im Hotel Guarda Val
  • 20./21.06.2015 Schweizerisches Gesangfest
  • 07.06.2015 Konzert mit den Basler Männerstimmen und dem Jugendchor Zürich in der Commanderkirche in Chur
  • 24./25.01.2015 Konzerte in Sent und Trun


  • 13./14.09.2014 Concert in Schiers and Untervaz
  • 15./21./22.07.2014 10 years Youth Choir of Grisons with the ensemble le phénix


  • 07.07. -22.07.2013 Pocatello Idaho/Missoula Montana (USA): Participation in the International Choral Festivals in Pocatello, Idaho, and Missoula, Montana.
  • 31.08.2012 Schiers : Concert for the celebration of “175 years Evangelische Mittelschule Schiers”
  • 11.10.2012 Participating in the award celebrations of the Trumpf corporation in Grüsch
  • 27.02.2013 Participating in an event organised by the Bündnerinnen Maienfeld
  • 16.03.2013 Participating in the annual assembly of the BKGV, where our director Martin Zimmermann and our former administrator became honorary members
  • 05.05. Concert in Uster (ZH), organised by the Foundation for the Avancement for musically gifted children and adolescents (Heinrich Sigrist)
  • 21.06. Kreuzkirche Zürich: Concert together with the Laudate Chor Zürich, Vocale and Cantat Basel, and the Männerchor Zürich, in order to celebrate the admission of the Männerchor Zürich to Europa Cantat
  • 27./ 28.08. Concert in Brixen (Südtirol), for the PH GR


  • Guarda Cultura Konzertreihe Saison 2011/2012
  • We have been awarded the “Great Swiss Choral Award 2012” by the Foundation Lamprecht-Steiger in May
  • 09.06.2012: Choir Festival Graubünden in Trun: We were judged to have performed “excellently” and were invited to participate in the gala concert together with the Chor viril Surselva  http://www.trun2012.ch/


  • September 2010 Radio emission on Swiss folk culture “Vom Land in die Stadt” (Radio DRS 1, Musikwelle, RSR-La Premiére, RSI Rete Due und Radio Rumantsch) in the Marsöl in Chur
  • Meeting with the Swiss Federation EUROPA CANTAT January 2011 in Chur
  • Guarda Cultura Konzertreihe Saison 2010/2011 Februar 2011
  • 10. International Choir Competition and Festival in Bad Ischl 2011: gold award in the category “folk songs”; gold award and best choir in the category in the category “children and youth choirs”


  • European Youth Choir Festival in Basel May 2010
  • New CD:  “Äs würd schi ättä muusä” for the Walservereinigung Graubünden June 2010
  • Choral Night in Wollishofen June 2010


  • Festival Europa Cantat XVII Utrecht July 2009


  • Swiss Choral Competition in Solothurn Oktober 2007: 57 out of 60 points
  • Arosa Music Festival March 2008
  • Swiss Choral Festival Weinfelden June 2008: we were judged to have performed “excellently”


  • 8. International Choral Competition in Bad Ischl April 2007: awarded gold in the category “folk songs”; awarded silver in the category “mandatory oeuvres”
  • Fiasta da cant districtuala Surselva Juni 2007: Predicat excellent


  • 7. Swiss Choral Competition Oktober 2005 in Glarus: 50 out of 60 points, rang 4
  • Bündner Kantonal Gesangfest June 2006

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