Bündner Jugendchor

Chor da Giuvenils Grischun – Corale Giovanile Grigione – Youth Choir of Grisons


In 2004 Mr. Martin Zimmermann (conductor) and Mr. Andrea Accola (administration) founded a youth choir for young people in Graubünden (county in Switzerland). Every summer the young singers come together for a summer camp. In this camp they practice during the days and play sports or boardgames in the evenings. The camp lasts a week. This time is very important for the choir. During a week they practice the whole repertoire for the fallowing year.

The singers are between 16 and 27 years old. Because most of them are studying, they are living all over the country. The members represent three of the four official languages of Switzerland: Rhaeto-Romanic, Italian and German. The majority of the members speak German as their first language and the rehearsals are held in German too.

After one week full of rehearsals the choir presents its program in five to six concerts in different churches all over the county. This concerts usually last about one and a half hours and contain music from baroque to romance, pop to spiritual.

The Bündner Jugendchor also took part in festivals and competitions in the past and returned home with awards. More importantly: They could make very many valuable experiences and built deep friendships with choirs from other parts of the globe.

Every singer has to pay 250 CHF for a year, the cost of the music sheets, the travels and the food before the concerts is sponsored by “friends of the choir”, by the concert intakes and by the county.

The choir is confessionally and politically neutral and is a non economical organization.

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